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What an episode… But focusing on Jess as always for the baby vamp lovers!


We finally discover Jessica’s eating habits have been far more longer than expected, so at last she finally heals herself and gets geared up to kick some hep V vamps thanks to the wonderful Lafayette..,.

We see the emotional side of things and she truely shows how much she hates being a Vampire after the killing accident in season 5!

But I gotta give it to Sookie when she comes in with damn tough step mother love.. quit whining Jess its time you got over it and moved on and fought I say!

But I have got to give credit to Willa Burrell for kicking Eric Northman’s ass for abandoning her! 

That’s all i will say but it was fucking hilarious to see!

Jess Feeding onScreenshot 2014-07-14 04.16.54



Jess Willa etc

Jess Willa etc



True Blood Promo 7.05 “Lost Cause”

True Blood #LostCause



Wow, that was some True Blood episode wasn’t it? For those who haven’t seen it yet…there were lots of Eric and Sookie scenes, and some of them were actually really good… but not all of them. Just saying. 😉

I wonder what’s going to happen next week? Here’s the promo for True Blood Episode 7.05“Lost Cause”!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!


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Wow, what can I say, I was so shocked at True Blood last night, for the wolf fans, this contains spoilers so don’t read if you don’t want to know. 

Poor Alcide, we have watched the wolf man take to stardom with his Wolf Pack on True Blood, he meets a rather nasty end and poor Sookie is left once again without a boyfriend.. however if you listen in the episode, we doubt her feelings for him…

But I’m blogging Jessica as always…

Jess sucessfully finds Adilyn in the police station with Andy in a cell with Holly’s son [forgot his name! my bad!] 

We also then see Jessica and Andy take refuge and call on Jason Stackhouse’s home which he is sharing with Violet.

However when Jess steps in the door it’s clear Violet still has a problem with Jessica being an ex of Jason’s. And to quote Jess ‘I didn’t realize we still had a problem’ 

The episode gets messy as the town turns on every supernatural being and this strange man takes control of Bon Temps, having already tried to get Sam who is the Mayor to leave.

They shoot his Vampire.

We witness a gun fight, my gosh, Jess really knows how to shoot for a baby vamp but ends up getting shot and Jason wonders why she isn’t healing, turning out she had not fed and Violet goes off to another mission as the others wipe the hep V vamps who also suddenly arrive.

I think that’s spoiled enough so i leave you with screen caps!




True Blood 7.04 Promo: “Death Is Not The End”

Here is a sneak peak of next weeks episode. #DeathIsNotTheEnd



Finished watching True Blood Episode 7.03“Fire In The Hole”? You’re probably dying to find out what’s going to happen in next week! Here’s the promo so you can get a sneak peek.

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!


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Jessica Hamby Scenes on Season 7 episode 2.

Jessica Hamby the poor girl is stuck in the Attic of The Bellfluers and unable to go out after Adilyn who has gotten herself into trouble at the Bon Temps police station.

We see Jessica in distress for a brief few moments and then Andy returns. And once again Deborah Ann Woll’s acting excels as we see also Jessica is running low on blood because her wounds from Adilyn drinking her blood in the last episode had not done justice of healing.

We then see Jessica meet Andy who accuses her of feeding and killing on Adilyn. Jess rebuffs Andy and lets him know that this is not the case at all. She has to pin him to the wall and angrily tell him to look around and confirm that Adilyn is in trouble.

Below is a few screen caps. There is not much more i can say.


Screenshot 2014-06-30 03.52.35 Screenshot 2014-06-30 04.09.20 Screenshot 2014-06-30 04.09.09


#TrueToTheEnd Scene Stealer Willa Burell.

For those who haven’t watched the premiere episode of True Blood Season 7 – this WILL contain MAJOR spoilers for you. You might want to look away now…

Those of you who watched the season premier of True Blood Season 7 last night was in for more than unexpected turn of events since where Season 6 left us.

The most asked question and shame was brought on that Tara met her true death last night’s events. But I will not be talking about that. 

The scene stealer I believe on small parts was Willa Burrell. 

Although she had not much left for her, No Eric, No Pam and now No Tara, she was the unique baby Vampire that we do not see back in the seasons with Jessica Hamby


I admired her kind hearted spirit and you feel for Willa when she says she has nothing left.


But this is about my fav and beloved Jessica Hamby, I quote from another RP account.. ‘Does Jessica not know how to take care of a dying vampire but her acting was incredible’ 

Jessica has grown from the last Season to the next one with a loss of grief and regret for what happened to Andy’s children.

The scenes between Adilyn and Jessica made my heart melt.

We see Jessica doing everything she can to keep her promise to Andy even when the case comes to Jessica being invited in before the Sun burns the hep V Vampire that has targeted the Belleflurs,

Jessica never fails to grow more and more as a baby vampire. I say it time and time again.

My favorite moment goes to show that Jessica was true to her word when she was invited in and the strong smell of Fae was over whelming yet Jessica finds the strength to push Adilyn aside.

What remains to happen in the next episode we will see?#Image






Current SL’s

Things have been eventful here in Dallas. I was with Chace the other day and he’s still acting weird. But more recently Willa has visited again from Bon Temps and we went swimming. She has stayed over for the night and I’m hoping to introduce her to Godric. But who knows what more entails now with the hep v carriers around the hotel has gone crazy and we are all getting more and more conscious on who we feed from. I’m glad ilka would never let harm get to us.